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Madness Killer

2013-03-20 08:10:06 by Dragobri

Hey guys my upcoming project Madness Killer will be released soon! There's a trailer 75% of it is done.
Check this test that I made.

Madness Training Room postponed

2012-09-27 08:00:46 by Dragobri

Madness Training Room will be postponed beacause i have school and im still learning how to make my animations good.

Madness Training Room

2012-07-21 09:14:21 by Dragobri

Its coming soon but i still don't know when because i have a busy schedule. :(
I'll keep on practicing until my animating skills is good.

Picture is cliffhangered.
Anyway im still 13 i got more to learn.

Madness Training Room